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Higher Shelf wants to provide with you with the latest knowledge and insights on how to reach higher in work and private life.  We’re all about that best life possible while enjoying the ride to get there. Topics range from teamwork, meditation, or slow fashion to nutrition and future of work.
Every piece of content thrives to elevate you from pain and bring you closer to your personal version of fulfilment.

Watch out, this page will soon be filled up with great articles, videos and more.

Higher Shelf challenges

As we thrive to become better and enjoy the ride while doing so we like to challenge ourselves and we do it with 3-4 week long challenges. It can be something small or big and we’ll try to do it in a playful way and reflect afterwards if it’s worthy enough of keeping it in our lives. If a challenge speaks to you and you’d like to join, follow us on Instagram to connect and keep each other accountable.

Past Challenge:
Keto + Intermitted Fasting

Start: 1.3.22
Duration: 4 weeks
Backstory: Isabella wanted to balance her gut microbioma leaving out all starches and sugars and also adjust to an eating pattern that would work for her long-term at home and during travels.
Goal: Balance digestion and find an eating pattern that works while working from home or on the road.
Results: Keto did not work for her, she lost her period and felt very exhausted. Her digestion improved hugely and she could focus better in the morning without a breakfast, so she kept two main meals and a snack as her main eating pattern. She learned how food impacts her mood and thinking and how insulin levels determine her energy levels during the day.

Current Challenge:
NO Snacks, All foods needs a plate

Start: 11.8.22
Duration: 4 weeks
Backstory: Isabella tried out a few things to address stress eating and after learning that snacking got greatly promoted in modern society but is not really needed for a healthy way of living, she wants to challenge herself to see if she can live without snacking. Can we find new ways of managing our afternoon lows and create a way to tick it off twice a day to fuel our lives and refrain from using it as a painkiller, escape or punishment? We’re looking for nothing less than a personal revolution in eating 🙂
Goal: Finding a balanced and mindful way of predominantly consuming food for fuel.